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Womb Connection

Primal Womb Consciousness is the felt sense of our deep connection to the heart and womb of the Earth. An ancient heartbeat and pulse we can all tap into that ignites a pathway of feminine awakening, activation, and wisdom. Essentially, living in a simplistic, harmonious way that is in sync with our natural rhythms. 

Walking this path means living with the awareness and understanding of your connection as a woman - to yourself, your body, your womb, your cycles, your Spirit, the Earth, and the elemental world. And then acting on that awareness and understanding through direct interaction and engagement with yourself and the natural world. We do this by honoring and living in alignment with our monthly fertility cycles and longer seasonal cycles of Nature, practicing sacred sexuality and conscious conception, and reclaiming childbirth as the natural creative process that it truly is. We can also root ourselves firmly into this consciousness through practicing herbalism and permaculture, making offerings to the land, and living in ways that are sustainable and in harmony with Nature.

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My offerings as a guide provide education, support our healing and transformation, and activate the embodiment of our primal womb consciousness. As we tap into this flow, we expand its presence and awareness, increasing our connection to ourselves, each other, and the collective consciousness.