~Women's Wisdom & Womb Care~

~Journey with me to the heart of your sacred center~

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The Ruby Spiral represents the pathway that women travel as we experience the many cycles of our lives. For we are like the Moon, as we wax and wane.  We move through our monthly fertility cycles, become mothers to children and creative projects, embody our clarity and knowledge as we age, and become elders and wise women in our communities. In our current world, we are experiencing a reawakening of, a lifting of the veil if you will, on what I sense as the primal womb consciousness. Ancient feminine medicine that is Earth centered and rooted in the womb such as honor and reverence for our magical moon cycles, sacred sexuality, conscious conception, birth, and mothering, midwifery, and herbalism.

A woman's womb space is her sacred center, the home of her intuition, creative potential, and deep feminine knowledge. An alchemical vessel where powerful transformation occurs. Within the luminous darkness of the fertile womb space, we plant the seeds of our visions and dreams, and nurture new life to bring into this world, just as we plant seeds in the soil of the Earth to allow plant life to burst forth.

The womb also supports us in spiritual and physical detoxification through our menstrual blood, a potent release of the old that creates space for new growth. Cultivating a loving, nurturing relationship with our womb, our cycles, and our feminine essence allows us to be vibrant, magnetic, and fully alive, radiating our unique, authentic expression into the world.


My offerings guide women to deeply listen to their own personal rhythms. I am a Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner and Reiki Master and offer individualized one on one sessions, as well as workshops in Wise Womb Medicine and Moon Cycle Magic. Individual sessions focus on self care, embodiment, empowerment, healing, transformation, and activation. My approach is primarily Earth centered and a weaving of energy medicine, Reiki, shamanic guidance, and Wise Womb Massage, which focuses on the breath, breasts, belly, and womb. During a session, I may use water, flowers, medicinal herbs, fresh plants, crystals, feathers, anointing oils, rattles, drums, singing bowls, and vocal toning. I incorporate supportive therapies such as yoni steams, castor oil packs, and spiritual bathing into the sessions when indicated. I also offer guidance, support, and education around sacred sexuality and the moon/menstrual cycle.

Individual sessions vary in length from one to two hours, allowing time for a holistic feminine history review, hands on work, questions, and explanation of self care techniques. Sessions are offered on a sliding scale and my rates are $60 to $80 for a one hour session, $90 to $120 for an hour and a half session, and $120 to $160 for a two hour session. Please contact me for workshop rates.


  • Radical self love
  • Balanced menstrual cycles
  • Increased fertility    
  • Healing after abortion or miscarriage
  • Supportive postpartum care    
  • Healing from imbalances within the reproductive system such as chronic infections, fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, PCOS, cramping, menstrual cycle pain, ovulation pain
  • Healing from trauma and abuse
  • Improved digestion and gut health
  • Increased connection to intuition and feminine wisdom
  • Enhanced creativity, radiance, and life force energy
  • Awakened Shakti and sexual energy
  • Divine Feminine Embodiment                                                                               

My Journey

My name is Heather Angstadt and I am the creatress of The Ruby Spiral. This creation was inspired by my ongoing personal journey through the spirals of my womb space, which began during a Shamanic Breathwork course with Linda Star Wolf in early 2013. For ten years prior to that, I was an active yogini and spiritual seeker, and studied energetic healing techniques such as Reiki and Pranic Healing. My experience during the Shamanic Breathwork journey ignited the remembrance of the potent energy within my womb and thus my passionate love for feminine medicine and womb wisdom was birthed. Since that time, my path has led me to study sacred sexuality with Charles Muir, Tibetan pulsing and womb wisdom with Cindy Anaelle Garcia, women's wisdom and ritual with the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Reiki with Melissa Chee, Mari Nagatani, and Diana and Michael Melchizedek, and kundalini yoga with a variety of teachers from all over the country. I have also co-created, offered hands on water and plant blessings and sacred oil anointings at rituals and ceremonies to honor the divine feminine, particularly Sophia, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene, led by Christy Michaels.

I am a level two graduate of the Wise Womb Medicine Path TM apprenticeship with Naomi Love. Wise Womb Medicine is a holistic modality that addresses the physical position of the organs as well as the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of women's health. Supporting women's empowerment through Earth centered and Taoist healing practices, nutrition, herbal medicine, spiritual healing, and wise womb massage.

A deep self love and embodiment of my personal magic is the foundation from which I share. I am delighted and honored to support you along your path and guide you home to the wellspring of wisdom within you.