Primal Womb Consciousness

Primal womb consciousness is a pathway of feminine awakening, activation, and wisdom. In our current world, we are experiencing a reawakening of this consciousness, which is ancient feminine medicine that is Earth centered and rooted in the womb. We can all tap into this consciousness through honoring and paying reverence to our magical moon cycles, living in alignment with the Earth and seasonal cycles of Nature, practicing sacred sexuality, conscious conception and birth, and herbalism.  Essentially, living in a simplistic, harmonious way that is in sync with our natural rhythms. It is my passionate joy to provide education, support our healing and transformation, and activate the embodiment of our primal womb consciousness. 

Journey with me to the heart of your sacred center. 

Receiving one of Heather's womb healings was truly a blessing and a divine awakening of the goddess lost within myself. - J.F.

Heather has a gentle, loving and warm, earth mother energy that is highly intuitive and full of matriarchal wisdom. - S.Z.

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